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A "secret-crush." Users of the mobile dating app "Scrush" often use this term to refer to the action of "swiping right" on someone's profile within the app to secretly express interest.
-"Hey, are you going to that dance party tomorrow night?"
- "Definitely, I got a scrush! I anonymously matched with this girl through the app, and now we're messaging about meeting up at the party."
#secret crush #s-crush #crush #scrushapp #match
by scrush March 16, 2014
noun: a free mobile dating/hook-up app
verb: to indicate that you have a secret crush on someone in the mobile app
noun: secret crush
verb: to match with someone on the mobile app
"I scrushed that hot guy from school, so hopefully he'll scrush me back!"

"Hey I have a new scrush! That girl from the party last night!"
#dating #crush #scrushapp #mobile app #hook-up #scrushed
by tennisgirl15! April 07, 2014
To scrush is to squish/crush someone by sitting or laying on them. The term is used as a cute way of saying that you are uncomfortable and need them to move.
"Am I scrushing you?" or "Scott could not breath with Courtney Scrushing him. "
#scrush #crush #squish #crushing #squishing #can't breath #squeeze
by Courtney Marie Hubbard January 30, 2007
Scrush: verb. To secretly express interest in someone.
Pass me my phone so I can scrush people.
#crush #dating #college #app #iphone
by bigkahuna2 April 07, 2014
Scrush is a british teenage boy who has the personality of a fuzzy purple ball from another dimension, that is happiest when rockin' out to music
Natasha: Do you see Adam?
Chrissy: Yeah, he's so a scrush
#adam #natasha #scrush #alien #purple #fuzzy
by TurtlezRock November 21, 2009
(Scrush), verb; to squish and crush simultaniously. To fuck the shit out of a girl. Fucking a girl vigorously and for an exntended period of time.
"Damn did you see sara this morning? She wasn't walking right, John straight Scrushed her shit."
#scrushed #pounded #beat up #sex #scrushing
by Shyle Eshlette October 20, 2008
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