The act of eating a McGriddle breakfast sandwich from Mc Donald's while receiving a clumpy. Scrumpy is derived from scrumptious, for McGriddles are very tasty.
I became hungry while getting a clumpy, so I ate a McGriddle and had myself a scrumpy. or... I was pinching a loaf while my girlfriend was slobbing on my knob and I decided to eat a McGriddle. By doing so, I bumped my clumpy up to a scrumpy.
by Andrew and Pearce August 04, 2008
Top Definition
A very potent type of rough cider. Normally associated with South West England, although the county of Kent also produces some good stuff. A good scrumpy normally has an alcohol content of atleast 7% by volume, be full of semi liquid apple pulp and taste like appley vinegar. It is suprisingly refreshing and can be consumed in vast quantities; providing the drinker does not want to use his legs for the next five hours. Was often given to wurzels in lieu of payment by landowners in an attempt to keep the works complient.
"Arrrrgghhhr yoouzzsh moi bessshhtisss mate yoush are." (a phrase often heard from the lips of scrumpy drinkers.)
by Black Flag May 28, 2004
An adjective describing someone who steals apples on a regular basis.
e.g) The poachers of the apple world
Farmer: Did that guy just steal my apples, that scrumpy son of a bitch!!!
by stuartking March 31, 2009
a rough cider with chokeable sized lumps in
that scrumpy looked the same coming up as going down
by :o) April 25, 2003
Adj. Delicious, scrumptious, delightful.
Tom, that was a very scrumpy sandwich.
by RzA February 10, 2013
When you take a dump and it scratches you on the way out. Commonly happens after eating large quantities of corn.
"Oh man, I'm going to need a whole lotta' toilet paper after passing this scrumpy!"

"Quick, some aspirin! I'm having a scrumpy!"
by toounit May 09, 2009
This is a word commonly used among teens and twentysomethings to describe a person with potentially lose morals that are physically attractive. Scrumpy implies that the person is slutty but that the speaker would still sleep with them. A common definition of scrumpy is "Slutty but fuckable."
Bill is very scrumpy. She looks rather scrumpy I bet you could take her home.
by JJ Carter October 30, 2006
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