Scrud is a slang term for Cannabis/Marijuana used in the town of Rotherham, UK
You got any scrud to smoke???

This Scrud is very Scrudable!!

This Scrud has got me really stoned!!!

This Scrud is wank!!!
#ganga #marijuana #cannabis #bud #mary jane
by Baggy 101 October 15, 2009
Top Definition
A girl that looks good from far away, but when up close looks really ugly.
whoa did you see that chick right now, what a scrud.
by Jonathan July 01, 2003
Underwear, generally of the male variety.
I was so scared I soiled my scruds.
by Noiz October 21, 2004
"Scrud" /sk-rud/ 1. to treat unfairly or harshly.
2. meaning, "idiot" or "retarded" or "stupid."
3. used to describe a person, especially one who is annoying or contemptible.
4. "Scrudsious" meaning someone who is rough or rude,
stern, severe, or cruel.

5. "Scrudent" meaning "incompetent." or "fool."
(Military.) : Poor dumb Charlie can't tell scrud from crotch rot.

"You're such a Scrudent!"
"You're such a Scrud!"
"You Scrudent!"
"That is so Scrudsious!"
"You useless Scrud!"
"Why must you be so Scrudsious?!"
#scrud #scrudsious #scrudent #fool #incompetent
by Goethe S. November 01, 2011
unkept, greasy looking individuals that loiter in front of convenience stores, coffee shops, etc. Often congregated around pick up trucks wearing Nascar / Ski-Doo attire.
'I saw a group of scruds sitting out front of the Tim Horton's'**

** Or Dunkin' Donuts for our American friends
#loitering #dirtbags #rednecks #greaseballs #punks
by Phil Shep April 07, 2007
Unkept, greasy looking, 20-30 something individuals that take pride loitering in parking lots of convenience stores, coffee shops, 7-Elevens etc. Scruds are most often in groups, congregated around pick-up trucks wearing some sort of Nascar / Ski-Doo paraphernalia. There is really no purpose to their actions.
I saw a group of dirty scruds hanging out in front of 7-Eleven
#loitering #parking lot #dirtbags #rednecks #7 eleven
by Phil Shep December 31, 2007
The scum that accumulates around the buttons on one's phone, keypad or keyboard. Made up primarily of food scraps, dirt, facial sweat or make-up.
Mike handed me his phone to check out a pic of his new dog and the keypad was completely encrusted in scrud.
#scum #crud #dirt #gunk #goo
by heybill May 13, 2013
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