When a lighthearted comedy or TV show suddenly turns unnecessarily serious and/or introspective.
Well-dressed white people at a trendy bar/club:

Jenny - "I'm having so much fun! Let's all do a shot!"
Johny - "We're all so pretty and happy! That sounds great!"
Janice - "It's so important to live for today! I just found out I have a terminal disease. And my house burned down."
Jenny - "Wow! What a Scrubs Moment! Hopefully it will be resolved after this commercial break!"
by Tragic Anachronism January 26, 2011
Top Definition
A scrubs-moment is when one is in conversation, or in thought, and they have a fantasy about something ridiculous, or something that one normal would not fantasize about, similar to the fantasies zach braff'scharacter, J.D., has on the TV show scrubs
Person 1: Dude if you could have one wish what would it be?

Person 2: Hmm.....
(Fantasizes about a room full of chocolate pudding, and dancing chickens...)
....uhh, i dunno.
Person 1: Dude, did u just have a scrubs-moment?
by n mcbar February 10, 2006
1. When something in reality causes someone to remember/think about a moment/event in the TV show 'Scrubs'.

2. When someone zones out, tilting their head to the right slightly and pointing their eyes up and to the left - like the character John Dorian in the TV show 'Scrubs'.
Example 1:
Person 1 is talking about their friend who is inseperable from their partner. Person 2 then instantly goes off into a daydream thinking that the couple is like Turk and Carla from Scrubs and remembers the episode where they are depicted as a two-headed being.
This would then be followed by Person 2 saying "I just had a Scrubs moment!" and they would describe their thoughts to Person 1.
by Hibee1 April 12, 2010
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