an ugly loud bust down of a woman who gets government checks and uses and abuses the system because she's too lazy and stupid to work.

May or may not be a negligient parent. Has greasy hair stapled to her head and scummy relatives and may chain smoke or do hard drugs.
sarah is a scrubber.
by j3.3l3 December 04, 2008
A piece of metal wool used in a crack pipe to catch the residue after a rock is smoked.

Also known as a chore or a chore boy.
Make sure you burn the copper off that scrubber before you put it in the pipe.
by TheConcierge September 21, 2006
Mostly hang around on street corners wear short skirts, skimpy tops.
Sleep around or get around. Spends money they earn on drugs and drink or even fags. Seen them hanging around down easton or eastville.
Dirty slags should be shot our council tax gets spent on them whores!
Example: Slags Skets tramps whore sluts or even get arounds!
by Amelia February 14, 2005
The unshaven growth of hair on the upper lip, especially when allowed to grow to drooping or handlebar proportions. Often used to describe a fitting mustache of a gay gentleman - noun.

Upon returning home from a month long vacation on the islands, he was delighted to see his partner had grown a fabulous full scrubber.
by newjerseybymuttonchops August 18, 2008
Exactly the same as Chav, Ned, Townie, Kev, Charver, Steek, Spide, Bazza, Yarco, Ratboy, Kappa Slapper, Skanger, Janner, Stig, Scallie and Scrut. Please use for further reference.
Man this place is full of scrubbers! Lets shift.
by ivan February 05, 2004

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