A scrub is a person or a collective of persons that are weak or sorry in some way in one of life's circumstances. Not to be taken seriously...maybe even laughable. Could even appear as a sad circumstance in some cases. Like a 35 year old working the grill at Rally's Burgers.
1:Damn! The 49ers lost again? They got a scrub team this year! 2:Why I always gotta loan you money? You need a job...scrub! 3:She told me he was a scrub between the sheets. He said the same about her. 4:Everybody beats him in Madden; he's a scrub. 5:I couldn't get a girl to talk to me if I had a gloc aimed at her dome. I'm a scrub! 6:She's 41, got 3 kids and still living at home with her moms. She's a scrub! 7:What the hell am I still doing working this scrub job for?

by Local Tyrant August 09, 2006
A scrub is someone who fails at life.
There are 3 main characteristics of a scrub:
1. Failure in all aspects of life
2. Always setting himself up to be ridiculed
3. Most scrubs will attempt to downplay their scrubbiness by accusing others of being scrubs. Don't listen, they're still a scrub.

You know who the scrubs are. Anyone who commonly makes mistakes, yet thinks he's deep. That's a scrub.
Take a look at that scrub, walking around with his backpack open.

I did not do to well on that test, but boy, I'm sure glad I'm not a scrub.

To a scrub:
Hey try scrubbing off a little bit of that brown stuff on your nose.
by ichibankotoba February 01, 2010
A scrub is a person who doesn't have good self hygiene. Someone who's grunge, has dirty hair and wears the same clothes for weeks on end.
"Susie is a major scrub!"
"I need to take a shower; I feel like a scrub."
by moronic117 August 20, 2007
A term used to describe players who are often newbie and inferior.
Players from the Shadows of Carnage clan in Lineage II.
by Computerz July 23, 2004
a bum, loser, faggot ,or someone who can't get a girl
man look at this scrub
by Monkey January 31, 2004
a whip that you try to get as close to the ground as possible for more speed out of the landing. commonly used to get style points.
MXer 1-Yo man you see james new bub scrub?
MXer 2- Yah his scrub sucks compared to Nick weys.
by Jarrett665 May 30, 2007
A loser who gravy trains on the name and prestige of the superstar he's married to or dating.
Cris Judd
Jordan Bratman (Christina Aguilera's worthless boyfriend)
and countless more...
by Super J June 01, 2004

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