A scrub is a person who doesn't have good self hygiene. Someone who's grunge, has dirty hair and wears the same clothes for weeks on end.
"Susie is a major scrub!"
"I need to take a shower; I feel like a scrub."
by moronic117 August 20, 2007
A term used to describe players who are often newbie and inferior.
Players from the Shadows of Carnage clan in Lineage II.
by Computerz July 23, 2004
a bum, loser, faggot ,or someone who can't get a girl
man look at this scrub
by Monkey January 31, 2004
a whip that you try to get as close to the ground as possible for more speed out of the landing. commonly used to get style points.
MXer 1-Yo man you see james new bub scrub?
MXer 2- Yah his scrub sucks compared to Nick weys.
by Jarrett665 May 30, 2007
A loser who gravy trains on the name and prestige of the superstar he's married to or dating.
Cris Judd
Jordan Bratman (Christina Aguilera's worthless boyfriend)
and countless more...
by Super J June 01, 2004
A person that's gross: they havent showered in days, have worn the same clothes multiple days in a row..
Mike is such a scrub, he needs to shower.
by whoaaa billlayy April 26, 2005
a male nurse,not a real doctor
fucking scrub thinks hes a real doctor
by raquell September 13, 2006

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