a male nurse,not a real doctor
fucking scrub thinks hes a real doctor
by raquell September 13, 2006
to cancel or eliminate
High winds conspire to scrub shuttle Discovery launch
by Aaadrian July 02, 2006
(You all forgot the real meaning of the word) To scrub is to wash hard with a cloth or towel or any cleaning surface.

1. That act of trying to get something off

2. someone who sucks in cs

3. Some poor ass hoe
1. You must "scrub" harder in order to get that stain off the table.

2. LOL, what an OGL scrub.

3. I aint going out with that dirty scrub!
by Mike January 24, 2004
Someone who walks around thinking they're really cool but really they're a faggot. It's also someone who thinks they're good at beer pong but really are just a poser.
"Shani's such a scrub"
"I know, he didn't even know what a diamond one rack was"
"What a SCRUB!"
by Emma C. Phillips November 30, 2006
People who do necessary work but do not get paid very well for it: garbage collectors, hospital aides, housecleaners, retail cashiers, etc. Those who were raised in the comfort of middle-class suburbia are the biggest fans of pseudo-"street" hip-hop messages that confirm their already held feelings of superiority to those who are forced by social conditions to live the "authentic" "real" inner-city urban lifestyle, the real "street". Instead of focusing on economic and social conditions, this song allows the middle-class to feel morally and ultimately superior to the lower classes.
"I don't want no scrubs. A scrub is a guy who can't get no love from me." (Which is actually a double negative, which if correctly read, actually means "A scrub is a guy that can get love from me". But apparently the lyricists are too illiterate to notice their grammatical errors).
by afternoon January 15, 2006
A person who doesnt give a damn about what people think and will live his/her life they way they want.
Juggalos love all the scrubs and their way of life!
by Pip May 08, 2003
noun updated millenium definition: guys who are not ambitious. They may have a job and a car but they are content with not climbing the corporate/career ladder. They are usually do not care about their physique/appearance/clothing. Basically, men who do not like to take care of themselves.
Rick was your typical scrub: always arriving at work 10 mins. late with his unkempt appearance and fastfood breakfast.
by fitchickxina April 07, 2005

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