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Someone who is second rate and unimportant. Similar meaning to the phrase Ham & Egger. It was originally used to describe inferior farm animals. It's often used to describe second string or lower players on a sports team. It's also used to describe employees who are not valuable. More recently, in its short form, scrub, it's used by African-American women to refer to African-American males who are unemployed, without a car and/or without any money, but who still delude themselves into thinking that they are worthy of attention from attractive women.
Yo, son, does Mike have any game? No, man, he's scrub stock.

Tom is the 12th man on the deal team--he's pure scrub stock.

Girl, I know that broke-ass nigga doesn't think he's gonna hit it. He's a scrub.
by Superior2U April 25, 2009
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