A jock strap.
My cup slipped out of my scrotum totem and I smashed my kiwis.
by Alien Anus March 29, 2004
Top Definition
"she paid homage at my scrotum totem"
by Spycho August 04, 2003
Scrotum totem- The totem (or pole) of your scrotum
its basically your dick, penis, cock, etc.
(in this usage the speaker is asking for a blow job)


My scrotum totem has been erected.
(in this usage the speaker is say he has a hard on)
by o.O !uLYVkpxJ5w October 03, 2009
An erect penis; A boner
Daaaamn that girl Patrice is a dimepiece, I get a scrotum totem every time I see her.
by Pklove August 21, 2011
Aregardless naked males, regardless of sexual orientation, whose scrotums vertically adjacent.
I awoke to find myself serving as the base of a scrotum totem.

I hope Josh brings the d-nuts to tonight's scotum totem because nothing gets me hungrier than a hot stack of scrote.
by Bookbag Boys May 09, 2011

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