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these are produced after a male beaing has had a hernia in the scrotal region. the muscles contract creating an odd pointed shape with two bright red dots on each testicle.
"Yo! shit! i got some fuckin scrotum tits, dog!"
"My bitch won't fuck me, because my scrotum tits is nasty, b"
"My scrotum tits is itchy, dog"
"When i rub my scrotum tit nipples, my weanie smells like mayonaise"
by am h December 18, 2005
The stretchable/elastic flap of skin found between the testicles. The scrotum-tit, often used to choke bitches, has many other applications including drug transport and rain protection.
"My, your scrotum-tit is like Stretch Arm-Strong!"
by Starkeynipps February 25, 2008