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An old person who has an incredibly wrinkly face which resembles a scrotum.
Natalie shouted 'scrotum face' at the old boot of an invigilator at the end of the French exam.
by Hez August 02, 2006
A teenager possessing a cleft chin combined with the start of a beard, giving the appearance of the male scrotum.
Kid #1: "Man that kid really looks like he has a scrotum on his face!"
Kid #2 "Let's call him scrotum face!"
Scrotum face: "Shut up you pansy!
by warrior1 June 04, 2007
where someone has so many wrincles on there face it makes them look like a nut sack.
e.g hey bobby look at that old woman she has such a scrotum face
by big bobbys balls January 17, 2009
A small, skinny, annoying person who is generally the outsider in a group of friends and 'hangs' around them just as a scrotum does.
Hamish: "What's Monty like?"

Jock: "He's a real scrotum-face"
by ACEOFSPADES01 July 17, 2010
A dude that has no life and is a jerk!!!
Hey you Dan....you scrotum face retard.
by REDCHIC27 July 06, 2011
A fat obese person who has a chubby face that resembles a scrotum.
Fatass: Hey, give me my cake back!!!

Jim: Shut the fuck up scrotum face!
by ballsak August 03, 2006