Love, a sense of passion towards another person.
I don't like you, I scroobles you forever.
by Wil Wedmedyk June 27, 2005
Top Definition
(skroo-buhl), noun:
the concertina-like "hinge" of a bendy straw which is designed to bend
Wideskream's straw had an extra scrooble, making it even bendier than usual.
by QuietDog March 05, 2013
A form of fake currency used for bets if you're too cheap for real money.
Ari: "I won the bet Kenji, you're 50 scroobles in the hole!!"
Kenji: "Awwww dang."
by JarJar Jenki March 23, 2010
To rub into the dirt; to kick someone's booty; to win by a large margin; to cream
Before the game, Kristen yelled to Gilmore, "Let's SCROOBLE them!!!"
Manny butted in, saying, "YEAH! Lets RUB THEIR FACES INTO THE DIRT!!!"
They turned toward the opponents and Carly screamed, "Look into the eyes of your scrooblers, buddy! YOU'RE GOING DOWN!"
Needless to say, the quartet scroobled the other team with a score of 24-0
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