A modern sport, consisting of two or more people jumping meaninglessly and throwing themselves around on an air bed/mattress. This is perhaps better played in an enclosed area such as a tent, to prevent the competitors from falling or tumbling off the bouncy mattress.

Legend has it, that scrimpton was originally created, when two teenage boys were having a fight in a tent. When one boy fell onto the air-filled mattress, he allegedly had an epiphany. He thought, "Why do we insist on fighting each other, when we could put our differences aside and have a tremendous time jumping and falling onto this surprisingly hilarious airbed?". He aired this realisation to his friend, who instantly agreed and they proceeded to tell a few immediate friends of their discovery. Since this day, scrimpton has never looked back, and has now become a worldwide phenomenon.
"Hey Brian, you fancy a quick round of scrimpton?"

-"No thanks Horace mate, it's a bit too rough for me"
"Oh come on Brian! Don't be a peekacheese! It's really fun, everybody loves a bit of scrimpton."
-"Fine Horace, you win. Scrimpton it is."
by bilf seeker April 09, 2010
Top Definition
A person who hangs around public bathrooms asking people if they have a pound for the condom machine all day.
Steve: I wanna bang this chick from work, but I can't afford condoms, lend me a quid?
Barry: Mate you are such a fucking scrimpton.
by The Friendly Goat September 16, 2015
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