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An action word. describing when one takes a little extra off the top. Can also be seen as skimming. but scrimming is a little sneakier as you have to announce that you are about to 'srim' something.
"You don't mind if i scrim that last piece of pizza, do you?"
by Dr. IR. N. COFFIN November 23, 2007
An online game between two or more teams. A scrim is a practice match, usually before one of the teams go into a more serious 'ladder' match. A scrim can be any online game, but notables are: Counterstrike, Enemy Territory and Battlefield 1942.
There is a scrim between Team-AvA.com and n00bs at 20:30 tonite.
by newio February 16, 2005
Scrim - Short for scrimage. Used most notably by clans, or teams in first person shooter, online games. Mainly used for practice
by .monoXide August 01, 2005
Scrim- The complete and full process of trying to engage in conversation with a female to acquire her number. Scrim is also used in the context of trying to "holler" at a girl before dating officially. For instance like unofficially going to holler at a female.

The scrimmage "scrim" is what happens before the real game (dating) actually starts.

once you receive the girls number "scrims" go from unofficial to official. After official scrims and the actual relationship status changes you are no longer "scrimming."
"Do you want to go scrim?" which mean do you want to go holler at some girls.

"Lets go to the mall and scrim some baddies." which means going to holler at sexy girls at the mall
by BryceSmoove August 28, 2013
This is when 2 clans or Teams play each other not sexually, i meant game(s) such as CS for practice purpose
5 v 5 | de_cpl_fire ( this week map :P ) | (Y)ours East Server | CAL-im/m | No PugZ/NoobZ | PM Me

Also See PCW
by Pak!TerrOr April 09, 2003
A combination of "Scram" and "Skim" Meaning to "Move your ass and get shit done" patented by Jesse Hale, Assistant Manager at Wal-Mart 5116 in Deer Park, TX.
"Hey, Scrim through those bins and look for some Velveta"

"Did you just say "Scrim?""

"Yea, now move your ass."
by IMPLAUS1BLE May 28, 2010
The particularly sensitive seam of skin, approximately an inch in length, that runs along the underside of a man's penis starting at the tip.
Guy1: Hey did you go home with that chick with the tongue ring last night?

Guy2: I sure did. She gave me a sweet scrimjob too! Felt extra good.

Guy1: Oh yeah! That's the clit of the penis.

Guy2: No, I think it's a little lower.
by Bayou Gurrl November 30, 2008
A loose-knit cloth used in the theatre for certain lighting effects. The loose knit allows for the cloth to be opaque when light is focused on the front, and transparant when light is focused on the back.
We need a scrim for Macbeth
by TheNeezer September 26, 2005