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Another word for money
Ludacris "Jump in my car then I'm countin' up my scrillas"
by Candy Az July 12, 2007
money,paper,fetti,chedda, phrase coined by E-40
doin dirt fo tha scrilla maine"
by B sneaky January 24, 2004
a word used in place of Money or currency.
Excuse me sir, could I place this scrilla in the bank?
by DjConQueso February 04, 2005
cash money
Youre rollin in da scrilla, g!
by Yebeka December 19, 1999
A girl's only got eyes for the scrilla.
by élan July 29, 2003
Paper, Money. derived from the word scroll, which is how paper used to be used was on a scroll. scroll became scrill, then scrilla.
Yo, i need some work, gotta get that scrilla.
by gmoney January 19, 2004
Money, loot
yo get that scrilla son
by AC February 05, 2004
Money, One who spends a lot of money
"Yo, shes got mad scrilla, we're gonna rock the mall later."

"Scrilla in Manila, shlong in Hong Kong"
by studtaco February 25, 2003