A mixture of screw and retard.
David: Hello smell my finger its my ass.

Collin: David your such a screwtard.
by Kieran999 April 30, 2006
Top Definition
Name for retards that screw you over.
Good name for crazy people driving on roads. Screwtard is a good word for them. Very fitting.

(someone cuts you off)
by kugly January 14, 2009
Some one who tries to do something and fails miserably, but still thinks they did an amazing job. Usualy if some one is a "tool", they're usualy this as well.
Say your on a sports team with someone. A screw tard would be considered someone who sits the bench the whole game but then hits on chicks and thinks he's cool just because you won the game.
by slangdrummer81 February 07, 2009
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