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Going really fast in a volvo or plymouth acclaim- also going really fast in general
When Tim and Amy and Joe and GWP left the Inn, they were screwing.
by ceejman November 07, 2004
54 135
the art of using your dick to ram either a pussy, an asshole, or a watermelon.
I was rammin that fuckin pussy last night. Since she didn't lemme cum, i fucked my own ass and then a huge watermelon.
by steve-o June 06, 2003
362 126

1. a humourus way 2 say GUTTED ..

2. Craving 4 ...
1. U Loose ya fone ??
Screwin !!

2. Did John Have any green
Nah !!
Awww Screwin, u got a fag
FUK ! im really Screwin man
by Adam March 30, 2005
82 131
To be angry, pissed off and/or to frown (your face looks screwed up)
i missed the bus now im screwin
by allowSAS November 17, 2003
103 153