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Screamo is NOT emo. Emo is hardcore gay. Screamo combines hardcore with raw rock. Screamo greats include Alexisonfire and Showbread.
Showbread is not even close to Emo but they are screamo christian.
by nick March 15, 2005
yelling song lyrics that mean something sad or emotional
hawthorne heights is a screamo band
by jay March 29, 2005
emo with a total edge; lotsa screamin...awesome
the used is an awesome screamo band
by me March 11, 2005
A form of emo pioneered by The Used and Finch. Combines emotional music with large amounts of screaming to produce an enjoyable form of music, growing very popular.
Man, we need a all screamo radio station!

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "even though this is based on opinion, my friends and i disagree. its hard to put what screamo is into words but think of it in a solid,liquid, gas form. I dont think of screamo having major punk ingredients. screamo is a sublime substance. it goes from hardcore (solid) to emo (gas), an offshoot of punk but different, without ever being a liquid. i dont think screamo is is punk and finch is not screamo. finch screams but they are punk. just good ol emo punk. actually, i dont even know if they should be called emo. they are a totally different brand from bands like the get up kids, dashboard confessional, sunny day real estate. without being emo how can you be screamo? and by the way. the used are stupid and i cant stand that people compare them to my favorite band, thursday. what have the used done? absolutely nothing. i am a big screamo and emoxcore fan."
by Ebola February 22, 2003