The worst genre of music ever created. It takes absolutely no talent to be a singer for a Screamo band. All you have to do if you want to be a Screamo singer is bend over, pull down your pants, have one of your friends hold a microphone to your mouth, and another one violently shove a pineapple inside your rectum, and bam, you're a screamo singer, and then you can have a bunch of moronic retards in all-black and tight girl pants and eyeliner follow you around like you're Jesus.
I'm a fag, I like Screamo

My daddy beat me, so I like Screamo

I sing for a Screamo band, I have no talent.
by SmellyBaptist August 21, 2006
A style of music that involves screaming/yelling hence the name "screamo."
Jake: Did you hear the new screamo band Silverstein?
Rich: Yeah I went to their show on Friday. Shane has an awsome scream.
by x____R A C H EL ! July 10, 2006
Characterizes a new type of bad music to lestin to. In other words, if you like screamo, your like everyone else and you are not orginal. You have bad taste in music.
My example is The Used, where I was introduced to this new retarded word..screamo?
by CeL March 27, 2005
Music for people too weak to listen to actual Metal.
Hawthorne Heights is an awful screamo band
by Jman4590 April 15, 2005
the best music ever! it is some hardcore crap. i LOVE scremo music.
screamo...emo with a killing twist!
by catherine loves screamo music January 14, 2006
you are all wrong, screamo refers to bands who have emo lyrics but scream a lot. and they arent 80's and 90's bands they are modern bands such as bullet for my valentine, senses fail, the used (they used to be screamo but now they are sell outs) story of the year and letter kills
screamo is the new emo
by names-are-overatted November 28, 2005
1. hard chore music, like slipknot. a sound that ressembles screaming.
1. i love screamo music. it's just so ohdo.
by Russell ben April 22, 2006
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