A genre of music that is a mix of screaming and singing. It is greatly admired by emo kids, rockers, goths, scene kids etc.
"WOAHWOAHWOAH Have you heard that new screamo band???"
by Shock Horror November 17, 2005
simpley put:

Screamo is hardocre emo in which the singers scream the words instead of singing them. often the chorus may have singing in them.
screamo bands:
as i lay dying
bleeding through
from autumn to ashes
.... and much more
by E G February 20, 2006
Emo + screams. Screamo has the same emotional lyrics as most emo songs, but with a harder sound, and a lot of screaming. Partialy related to "primal scream therapy" which is psychotherapy in which the patient expresses anger or frustration especially through spontaneous and unrestrained screams, hysteria, or violence
Blinside and Underoath play turbo screamo music.
by so meg was like April 03, 2005
screamo is a mix between many different types of music including emo(emotional music). Most screamo bands have their routs in punk and hardcore - vertually any band can be screamo just add some drop d and scream, but it is alittle more than that. Most screamo bands are on the heavey side. Alot of screamo has to do with past relationships and hard times giving it the emotional touch. Most screamo music is very melodic which brings people to listen to it. Some more popular screamo bands are: Silverstein, Under Oath, Atreyu, Poison The Well, and there is many many more.
by Mikes Screamo May 16, 2005
pussy hardcore used to get little girls to sing along as people like story of the year scream one or two lines of a song and call themselves hardcore

hahaha that band story of the year is screamo they suck my ass
by Garrett April 12, 2005
emo and hardcore music combined. some of the good newer bands include old underoath (not this new hardcore pussy shit, they were better when they had dallas), thursday, from autumn to ashes, silverstein, thrice, alexisonfire and some of the older bands include hot cross, saetia, and the kodan armada.
"hey man are you going to the sum 41 show later?"
"fuck no man, that shit is pussy. im going to the underoath show!"
by joe March 16, 2005
Screamo is a relatively new name for a style of music that's been out sinse the 90's, maybe the 80's. The need for this comes from the cashing in on this genre. Emo has been out since the early 80's (dagnasty, embrace, rites of spring)but it was never labeled that until it hit popularity in the malls. Same with Screamo. Screamo is a hybrid of Hardcore music and Emo. It's Youth of Today + Sunny Day Real Estate. It's characterized by aggressive hardcore or metal riffs with soft melodies and breakdowns woven in between. The stereotypical person that listens to this type of music is the kids who like hardcore music but have that soft side. They're typically very religious, practice straight edge lifestyles and let their surpressed anxieties out through this music. They're too tough for Dashboard yet too soft for Cannibal Corpse. Their stereotypical appearance is also evident of this fusion. The black clothing, brass knuckles, guerrilla bandana, bullet belts and chains adhere to the hard side while the long hair, make-up, pink and white highlights (in the hair and the clothes) represent the soft side. To me, this is just teenage confusion. Although the music was developed from truer roots. These screamo kids are leftover fans of Marilyn Manson, Korn, and other scary crap-metal bands of the late 90's early 2000's. The thing that really gets me about this genre is how so very stereotypical and shallow it is. The music is very much teh same, as well as the wardrobe, and even the manorism of both the audience as well as the performers. I must say, if you've seen one band, you've seen them all.
Atreyeu, Saosin, everyband that where's tight black clothes, has a blonde streak in their hair, plays at church functions, plays in drop d tuning with the guitar strap very short...just flip through the latest AP magazine. Sorry to all of you post hardcore fans of the 90's, face it. Screamo is a term coined by mall america to label this new epidemic but rest assured it will be over soon and we wont remember any of it.
by trashdigger December 03, 2005
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