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Screamo is a subdevision of Emo which is a subdivision of Punk Rock which is a subdivision of Punk which is a subdivision of Rock. Screamo started in the mid 90s when a young man who couldn't sing begged his four friends to let him join their band. Having no talent at all and hurt by their rejection he screamed "LET ME BE IN THE BAND!"

The band was both shocked and impressed by their friends ability to scream and let him join out of sheer fear.
"This screamo band sucks ass!"
"I can't stand screamo!"

Also see: sucky, lame, horrible and retarded
by Jordan Brooke March 27, 2005
post hardcore emo punk with screaming and such
i like screamo now im gonna go cry really loud in the dark
by rudeboy_max July 28, 2003
A subgenre of emo that is performed by extremely musically retarded individuals who are incapable of expressing themselves coherently and require raw yelling to communicate their emotions.

Note: Screamo is not an artform. It is a recorded abortion.
The screamo band missed the boat on puberty.
by theusedissocoooooooooooollll February 24, 2006
Simply stated, an evolved emo. When they get mad from being called emos try calling them eamos, pronounced the same but its a different word so they cant get mad
The emos hate the screamos because they haven't evolved yet.
by Brendan W September 11, 2005
A musical style with the same emotional value in the lyrics as "emo" but has screaming involved in the music along with/instead of singing. Many "harcore" people like to dis screamo, saying that it is too weak, but every genre of music is different, which needs to be realized.
UnderOath, Emery, AlexisOnFire...
by .lush. May 22, 2005
Emo + screams. Screamo has the same emotional lyrics as most emo songs, but with a harder sound, and a lot of screaming. Partialy related to "primal scream therapy" which is psychotherapy in which the patient expresses anger or frustration especially through spontaneous and unrestrained screams, hysteria, or violence
Blinside and Underoath play turbo screamo music.
by so meg was like April 03, 2005
A genre of music that is a mix of screaming and singing. It is greatly admired by emo kids, rockers, goths, scene kids etc.
"WOAHWOAHWOAH Have you heard that new screamo band???"
by Shock Horror November 17, 2005