A mixture of "Emo" music with Screamed (rather than, or as well as, Sung) vocal parts. Typical lyrical subject matters range from matters of the heart to politics.

See also: Emo, Punk, Rock, Metal, Alternative.

source: Screa'm - E'mo
by Jerome Wright October 30, 2003
screamo is not punkrock gothicrock or heavby metal... its more of just mindless whining and screaming. Its a bit of a mixture of emo core and really heavy metal. they usually begin really slow then suddenly turn to screaming.
boy1: hi i really like screamo music...
boy2: wow i like punk and gothic rock to!
boy1: its not either of those
boy2: oh i thought it was gothik and punk mixed
boy1: no its actually emo core and really heavy metal
boy2: oh... sounds cool im gonna buy a screamo CD!!
by K!((3r May 27, 2006
1. Genre in music that is a hybrid of emo rock and hardcore.
2. New subcult that is a mix of emo and scene. The music is screamo and emo, but the appearance and characteristics are closer to scene. Screamos are also Myspace whores, and yes, the guys are a bunch of metros.
1. Hawthorne Heights, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, etc.
2. Screamo kid: Hi, I'm a screamo kid!
Kid: Who?
Screamo kid: Screamo kid!
Kid: You mean emo?
Screamo kid: No!
Kid: You mean scenester?
Screamo: NO!!!!
Kid: Uhh...
Screamo: We're new. Not very common 'round these parts. *looks around*
Kid: Yeah, I can tell...
by omgitschinatown April 17, 2006
style of music invented by fans of punk/emo. consist of the following:
Strange looking punk/ska/emo teenagers that disquise thier obvious lack of vocal talent by simply screaming till thier eyes bleed. A plague upon society.
"you like screamo? to bad you lack all notion of vocal talent. now go shower or something before i call the fire department to hose you down."
by Dack9 March 13, 2005
simply put, shit

but dive deeper in to screamo i would have to say it is the gayest and most homosexual atempt to make music. You see screamo bands are actually shity musicians (if you would even call them that) who think that they are good and "deep" because they scream about pain, WRONG because they suck the singing sucks the bass sucks the guitar suck and the singing suck (sucks so bad i had to list it 2 times) basically they are power cord addicted douchebags who cut themselves because they aren't and will never be as good as the legends
screamo fag: wasn't that guitar solo so emotional and deep

normal dude: nah those fags can only play shitty power cords

screamo fag: they aren't fags they're bi
by Gill998 March 21, 2007
The result of people thinking that emo could not get any worse. Screamo bands are emo bands who cant sing, so they decide to scream instead. While there are maybe four or five indie emo bands who are really musically talented (though they're lyrics still suck), screamo is a stigmatic title that pisses off even regular emos and makes screamo bands sadder, thus they continue to scream..o (sorry).
Man, Hawthorne Hights should have their screamo asses taken to the town square, where they should be burned at the stake for all to see.
by Alex Remnick November 25, 2005
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