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A reckless mix of hardcore and emo
I can feel so emotional(about to cry)
Then have a silent scream after
by Frodo February 26, 2005
15 57
heavy music involving both singing and screaming, similar (if not the same as) post-hardcore, with emotional themes to the songs
often insulted by people who are;
a) too pussy for the screaming
b) too...ahem "hardcore" for the emo subject matter
my band might be screamo. we also rock.

see also; premo, extremo, redeemo
by adam December 08, 2003
13 55
music that no one can understand at all
that screamo music is yelling out the radio..
by rhinestone hormones December 31, 2006
24 67
Screamo is emo music where half the song is screamed and the music is not as soft core as emo
thursday finch funeral for a friend are screamo!
by Emo Tears March 26, 2005
15 58
style of music invented by fans of punk/emo. consist of the following:
Strange looking punk/ska/emo teenagers that disquise thier obvious lack of vocal talent by simply screaming till thier eyes bleed. A plague upon society.
"you like screamo? to bad you lack all notion of vocal talent. now go shower or something before i call the fire department to hose you down."
by Dack9 March 13, 2005
15 58
a branch of emo which branched from punk. Screamo is emo with more black metal involved as the singer of the band tends to yell more. Also, the point of the songs usually go into deeper subjects than ex-partners, rather they'll talk about confusion or the mist that comes out of falling in love or simply from life in general.
The band Tessai is screamo, their beats are a bit emo, metal, and trance all at the same time.
by Nikkola March 04, 2005
13 56
A mixture of "Emo" music with Screamed (rather than, or as well as, Sung) vocal parts. Typical lyrical subject matters range from matters of the heart to politics.

See also: Emo, Punk, Rock, Metal, Alternative.

source: Screa'm - E'mo
by Jerome Wright October 30, 2003
39 82