Crappy music that should be destroyed
Refer to previous definitions
by Calberto January 02, 2005
actually I don't know any screamo band which would be a sell out. If thursday, the used, my chemical romance etc. are screamo bands then what is emo? screamo is characterised by hardcore screaming vocals, harmonized guitars, slower and more melodic breakdowns etc. Probably one of the most popular screamo band is JR Ewing, but I wouldn say it's popular. So screamo is a kick ass genre and I'm ashamed when some dickheads say that thursday and other shitty bands like this are screamo
some of the best known screamo bands JR Ewing, Underoath, Analena...
by jowlis September 20, 2006
screamo is a branch off of emo where the lyrics to the song are screamed and strained rather than whined apparantly its "hardcore" but anything relating to emo is not!
the emo kid was to upset to whine so he started screaming out his melodramatic emo lyrics
by 7drop16-16 February 14, 2005
Type of music where you hear screaming. To listen to it, you need to have shaggy dark hair, tight pants, tight shirts, and black framed glasses. It's a trend. Being vegan or straightedge might include it too.
A Static Lullaby is NOT screamo you pussy.
by Ally August 18, 2004
a genre of music that recieves little media attention due to its lack of talent. Bands that cannot perform emo, metal, or punk, usually end up being screamo.
I wanna make a band but i dont want to end up screamo.
by bafoozler March 05, 2007
Screamo is a music that has been influenced by the emo scene. In my opinion, the best screamo band I know is Poison the Well, a new and lively band, which is a combo of hardcore screamo/metal. People who listen to screamo are usually a part of the "goth" or "emo" scene, along with others who just enjoy the earsplitting, unaudible words sung beautifully by the greatest voices.
Most screamo is loud, sharp and awesome. Screamo is a beautiful music that should be heard by everyone with taste. If you are new to the Screamo scene, check out some good screamo bands, like Poison the Well, Saetia et al and city of caterpillar (You'll definatly be able to find Poison the Well, not sure about the others).
And if you don't like it, don't bitch, don't comment, just go back to your vapid hippity-hop "music".
Screamo is loud and beatiful.
Hip-Hop is dumb and gay.
Country is weak and retarded.
Rock is good.
Rap just sucks.

You should be able to tell the difference.
by Tony Quinn September 03, 2006
an exclamation of pain exerted by an emo kid when stabbed in the throat by an individual of superior musical tastes, generally accompanied by a generic hardcore guitar riff, high-pitched squealing, and a sub-par rhythm section
Dude, I went to waste some kid who couldn't make up his mind between emo and hardcore and I had to listen to him screamo for three goddamn minutes!
by b1lskirnir February 27, 2005

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