1. Genre in music that is a hybrid of emo rock and hardcore.
2. New subcult that is a mix of emo and scene. The music is screamo and emo, but the appearance and characteristics are closer to scene. Screamos are also Myspace whores, and yes, the guys are a bunch of metros.
1. Hawthorne Heights, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, etc.
2. Screamo kid: Hi, I'm a screamo kid!
Kid: Who?
Screamo kid: Screamo kid!
Kid: You mean emo?
Screamo kid: No!
Kid: You mean scenester?
Screamo: NO!!!!
Kid: Uhh...
Screamo: We're new. Not very common 'round these parts. *looks around*
Kid: Yeah, I can tell...
by omgitschinatown April 17, 2006
A type of music that involves a lot of screaming, obviously hencing the term "screamo".

Also, its a type of music that ruins your vocal chords.

I like screamo, but I'm just saying, it can really fuck up your chords.
BMTH, Chelsea Smile. But not Bullet For My valentine., they are more rock thank screamo..
by Paige.,saysSTOPP. November 15, 2009
A genre of music crossing between emo music and a more hard-core metal, with the emotion and lyrics of emo music, with the heavyness and screaming vocals of hardcore.
Think the bands Silverstein (When Broken Is Easily Fixed), It Dies Today (The Catiff Choir), From First To Last (Aesthetic), From Autumn To Ashes ( Holding A Wolf By The Ears), THESE are Screamo, NOT My Chemical Romance, NOT Finch, NOT all old music from the 90'S!!!
by Screamo is kickass so backoff January 10, 2009
It's the showing of real pain in an angry screaming way. You can't say a band is screamo just because they scream a lot along the song. This kind of sing is always involved with the emo genre. Like: Melodic Metalcore, Metalcore, Emo-core, Post-Hardcore, Fashionxcore, Metal Punk, etc...

Don't get confused with the Metal bands that tend to scream a lot, is just because they're claiming satan. Emo-Screamo is NOT satanic, and emos don't even have religions because we do NOT believe in anything, if it were like that, we would not wish to die.
Screamo: The vocalist who screams is always singing with a slow vocal singer, one after another or both at the same time. They just try to show the pain for us to identify ourselves with the song themes involved.

Example: Underoath, Alesana, Atreyu, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Emarosa, Emery, Emmure, blessthefall, Static Lullaby, Chiodos, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Alexisonfire, A Day To Remember, Eyes Set To Kill, From First To Last, Mighty Moshin Emo Rangers, etc...
by xXPunky DollXx September 14, 2009
Screamo is a word used by scene-obsessed and genre-obsessed teenagers, usually middle class white American teenagers.

The rest of us ...including many middle class white American teenagers, dont give a shit what anyone calls the music we listen to.
Dude 1: Hey man you gotta get into Screamo.
Dude 2: Shut the fuck up and grow the fuck up, Ill listen to whatever shit I want and I dont care what genre you want to put it into, bitch.
by Deckard The Replicant September 12, 2006
Emo bands that have screaming to act like thier hardcore metal still instead of emotional whiners
scrEaMO bands such as slipknot, afi, korn, shinedown, etc
by charlieofthewildwildwizang October 29, 2008
Screamo is kind of like a type of metal, except it screams on a more positive note.
Screamo: "i've got a secret, its on the tip of my tongue on the back of my lungs and ive gotta keep it...." -Bring Me The Horizon

Metal: "I will bid farewell, sever the ties This is all I am, this is all that's left Turn from deceit, the love of self is death Deliverance is given to you" -Killswith Engage
by dudeitsme January 18, 2010
a way of pushing music to its limits, farther than any have before. Trying to play louder and more complicated guitar, use the drums for more than just keeping rythem and letting them be an intergral part of the song, and singing with such emotion that the only way to express it is to reach within yourself and scream out what your feeling. Those who only hear it as noise are the ones who dont apreaciate what the band is trying to achieve and are listening without really hearing or understanding. The only way to produce true, good screamo is to have a lead singer with a peircing and good voice, a drummer with legit talent, good guitarists and bassists, possibly a keyboardist and one to two screamers. The screamers normally play either drum (a skylit drive), guitar, or possibly bass. Normally all members of the band have straight longish hair in the classic emo style.
Devil wears prada, dance gavin dance, ASD, eat me while im hot, and the earlier emorosa are all good examples of screamo or new age screamo while metalica and slipnot are more classic heavy metal. other names for screamo are death metal and grindcore
by limitless music April 12, 2009

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