The result of people thinking that emo could not get any worse. Screamo bands are emo bands who cant sing, so they decide to scream instead. While there are maybe four or five indie emo bands who are really musically talented (though they're lyrics still suck), screamo is a stigmatic title that pisses off even regular emos and makes screamo bands sadder, thus they continue to scream..o (sorry).
Man, Hawthorne Hights should have their screamo asses taken to the town square, where they should be burned at the stake for all to see.
by Alex Remnick November 25, 2005
A form of music for pussies. The lyrics consist of pointless stories about childhood heroes and the people who listen to it are in love with dinosaurs, thick rimmed glasses and other lame/bogus ideas. Also, the people who listen to screamo think they're "hardcore" and think that: dinosaurs still exist; the actually have problems but they really don't; and that they matter.
I'm going to go listen to Screamo to numb the problems I don't have because I'm a weakling.
by Andersin December 30, 2010
A genre of music that sounds like many of the things I yell while sitting on the toilet.
Bro, I was taking a shit, and I was yelling like a screamo bandmate.
by SuperRareAwesomeVaginaMan November 10, 2011
A type of music that will not last long. Because it is too hardcore for emo kids and too wussy for metalheads. Mostly just speed metal except without the good lyrecs and the singers scream like constipated women.
Rick: Man screamo sucks.
Dave: Yea I know its just too annoying.
by dtrix June 10, 2010
An awful genre of music (if you can even call it music), especially popular amongst the emo community, which involves lots of angry metal and lots of screaming.
The only people who listen to screamo are goths, emos, and MySpace users. True story.
I'd sooner die than listen to screamo. Yuk.
by molecule802.11 April 09, 2009
A form of music designed for those of the emo persuasion. It was created as another way for the emo kind to hurt themselves.
DarkxxDragon: hey i'm listening to drop dead gorgeous. it hurts so good.
xoAnimex3Masterox: i know. listening to them makes me feel alive, but i will be dead soon.
DarkxxDragon: let's make the pact of death tonight.
xoAnimex3Masterox: during Naruto?
DarkxxDragon: yeah. right after Bobobo-Bo-Bobo and Yugi-oh. those need to be the last visions in my mind before my death.
xoAnimex3Masterox: it's on like donkey kong.
DarkxxDragon: rock on. i love screamo almost as much as i love pain...cause they're the same thing.
by Glyzzerg January 10, 2008
1. Screamo is REALLY a type of music that died out in the 90's. It is NOT screaming emo.
2. Today, most people DO think screamo is screaming emo. If somone says they listen to screamo now days, they most likely mean they listen to emo music with more yelling.
1. joshua fit for battle, pg.99, hot cross, the now, Circle Takes the Square are real screamo bands
2. fitch is screaming emo
by Laba March 21, 2005
1. A series of screams and belches, usually performed by homosexuals.
2. The audio track from a bestiality porn
3. The moans from bears having sex inserted onto a background of random unpleasant noise, some may classify it as music, i prefer the term noise.
We listen to screamo while having hardcore anal sex.
by PunkNeverDies August 31, 2008
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