The result of people thinking that emo could not get any worse. Screamo bands are emo bands who cant sing, so they decide to scream instead. While there are maybe four or five indie emo bands who are really musically talented (though they're lyrics still suck), screamo is a stigmatic title that pisses off even regular emos and makes screamo bands sadder, thus they continue to scream..o (sorry).
Man, Hawthorne Hights should have their screamo asses taken to the town square, where they should be burned at the stake for all to see.
by Alex Remnick November 25, 2005
one of the best genre's around. raw music with really good guitaring and drums. the singing isnt crying, kk?
(alphabetical order) 1905, a day's refrain, alcatraz, the assistant, amanda woodward, arsen aka konig der monster, the assistant, the book of dead names, bucket full of teeth, circle takes the square, city of caterpillar, constatine sankathi, cowboys become folk heroes, dear diary i seem to be dead, dodewaard, envy, the fiction, flowers in the attic, the flying worker, forcefedglass, hassan i sabbah, hot cross, ivich, jasemine, jeromes dream, joshua fit for battle, jr ewing, jude the obscure, ken mode, the kodan armada, kulara, leidan, love like ...electrocution, love lost but not forgotten, mara'akate, memory as perfection, neil perry, newborn, on the might of princes, orchid, the people listening wonder, pg.99, phoenix bodies, the pine, the red scare, the saddest landscape, saetia, scent of human history, science of yabra, seven days of samsara, shikari (maybe?), song of zarathustra, takaru, tasharah, thema 11, thursday, toru okada, usurp synapse, vincent price's orphan powered death machine, yaphet kotto, you and i, zann, zegota
by Frankie February 19, 2005
a subdivision of the music genre of emo music which in turn is a subdivison of punk music, due to its growing popularity schools now have to distinct cliques within them, the preppy hollister mainstream brandname snobby fucks in which i and my comrades have no respect for, and the black everything striped shirt pierce lipped tards who insist screamo is metal when infact its just another 20 year old dipshit who can get over their insignificant feelings.

emo and screamo tend to be different because screamo has lead "singers" who tend to cry louder than their emo counterparts. both emo and screamo tend to have the same chords and lack of musical genius which is supported by the solo being the same base rythem with just distortion. although they tend to be opposite of the mainstream people the tend to have their own culture which is no longer underground, they thrive because pop and emo music is constantoly played and overplayed on the radio giving most people who reject the brandnames a style to go for, this in turn creates a large subculture of similar lanky looking pale faced people who try to be different but just blend in to every hallway and street. those that actually want to be different need to explore themselves before they explore music.
screamo is sooo awesome.

yeah right its just a whiney lil faggot who cries cuz his boyfriend dumped him

shutup its not his fault hes bi

isnt every emo singer bi

yeah so.....

pop fuck

shutup your music sucks

your just jelous because mine isnt about being gay

b b b but.....

ahhhh pluh
by wabaanimkii of youtube January 04, 2010
a type of harsher emo music with screaming in it and stuff. Many times it gets confused with metal, death metal, melodic metalcore, hardcore punk, or any music with harsh vocals in it. Often confused by it's older fans as a punk style, when real hardcore punk is actually Minor Threat, Black Flag and Agnostic Front, it's more of a subgenre of emo, which derived from punk. If emo was punk, then MCR's first album was punk. Because believe me, their first album actually did sound A LOT like old school emo and had some hardcore influence. But I wouldn't call it punk. I think punk is more rebellious and is like Ramones and Sex Pistols and 4 skins and emo is short for emotional hardcore (despite sunny day real estate gave it a softer sound and remade it). It was influenced by hardcore, it was raw a lot and had screaming or speaking in it. Vocals often sounded very emotional but sometimes a little disturbed sometimes. At first it was pioneered by Pg 99. Early bands were Pg 99, Saetia, Heroin, Orchid and I Hate Myself. Today it's more of bands are I Would set myself on fire for you, Alexisonfire, thursday, funeral for a friend and the saddest landscape. Some newer bands sound a little less harsh and do less screams than older screamo. The reason why screamo isn't hardcore punk is because it doesn't sound ANYTHING like black flag or agnostic front or even bad brains.
Screamo bands: I Would Set Myself on Fire for You, Alexisonfire, Thursday, Funeral for a Friend, Pg 99, the used, orchid, saetia, saddest landscape
by e9d8e2yh9d8yd92 June 30, 2013
A label used by posers to call any music that has a vocalist who screams at some point or throughout the song. Screamo is not an actual music genre but a label that a poser will use to describe music because they don't know their music enough to know the actual genre. The real genre may be something like post-hardcore, Metalcore, Deathcore, Heavy Metal, Alternative rock, Glam Metal, Punk-Rock ect.
A poser would say, "I like to listen to Screamo"
by xXMusicDruggieXx July 20, 2011
real screamo is not finch and the used and thursday and all this light-weight crap we have today. true screamo is much much more than just music,it is a lifestyle and a personal connection. todays so called "screamo" bands suck. just because their little bitch asses scream 5 words in a song doesnt make them a bona-fide screamo band. I like to call them "gay". anyway... sceamo pretty much died in the 90s. the scene is over but some try to live it out. if you like finch and thursday and all that... dont claim to be a screamo kid... it makes people like me want to beat your stupid ass. those bands are emo anyway. If you dont know what it truly is than shut up.
joshua fit for battle, orchid, SAETIA!!!!!!!!, funeral diner, superstitions of the sky, hot cross, now, makara, neil perry, you and i, get fucked, shikari, City of Caterpillar, pg 99, pretty much anything on Level-Plane Records.
by Austin Snyder February 24, 2005
hardcore punk music incorperating screaming/spoken vocals. Accompanied by erratic guitar and drum beats. Lyrics tend to be dark/hateful. Genre died around late 90's. Had its climax in the late 80's early 90's. Bands such as Alesana (post-hardcore/hardcore), A Day To Remeber (hardcore/pop punk), The Devil Wears Prada (hardcore/post-hardcore), Underoath (new, post-hardcore, old, metalcore/deathcore), August Burns Red (metalcore), Asking Alexandria (shitty metalcore) are often mistaken as 'screamo' music. The proper genres for each band is listed next to each one. More examples of mistaken screamo would be: Bring me the horizon (shitty metalcore, deathcore), Entombed (Death metal), Job for a cowboy(death metal), The Analyst (death metal, deathcore) Disfiguring the Goddess (deathcore, deathmetal), I declair war (deathcore, deathmetal), Suicide Silence (deathmetal), Malodorus (deathmetal). And to also clear things up the word 'emo' means nothing and is nothing. Its a stupid word to piss off over dramatic, egotistical people. The word was made up by media and ignorant douche bags.
And as a side note: The word emo no longer harms anyone. It makes you look stupid. Especially if you yell it at someone across a college campus. screamo is dead
by the understand April 11, 2011
Worst attempt at anything that could be called music. Incorporates good guitarist, bassist, and precussionist (drummer) with shitty whiny vocals. No one cares that you complain about how bad your life supposedly is. See the poor people all around the world? Do you see them making poor excuses for "music"?
Screamo is almost as worse as Lil Wayne
by Cycron, truth speaker July 28, 2009

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