A horrible shit that is coming on. A bowel movement in which the backpressure kills your gut and blows an O-ring. Typically of a liquid nature.
Jimmy's big night out was rewarded by a 7:00am screaming hyena that awoke his neighbors due to his incessant shrieking.
by DrNarron August 03, 2005
Top Definition
when your partner's penis is so incredibly small, thin, or mishapen in general that you laugh in a high-pitched voice uncontrollably for more than 15 minutes
you pull off your boyfriend's boxers and he stands naked before you with a crooked cock and you can't help it and giggle as he puts on his pants and runs home crying
by harshem May 01, 2005
1. Noun. Sexual position
2. When one partner lays on the ground outside a tall structure, and the other partner jumps off the roof to provide extra thrust for the insertion.
Beth can do the screaming hyena four times before she becomes tired.
by Andrew December 02, 2004

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