A joint with a white line down the middle.
A marijuana ciggarette laced with cocaine.
We just smoked a screamer.
by ricphlair September 11, 2008
One who screams during climax of sexual or anal intercourse.
Teri-Lynn is my favourite, because she's a screamer!
by Sean@BrockU November 09, 2006
a screamer is a girl (typically black) that one will encounter screaming their freaking heads off at a fair/ an amusement park on rollercoasters. are often found in areas such as Six Flags, and make up about 80% of the park.
*screamers that can be heard from quite a distance*

jack: woah dude, those screamers are freakin loud! why are there so many of them?!
by jac0330 August 13, 2008
an extremely strong alcoholic beverage.
"damn, preston is making screamers tonight"
by eli dacus June 06, 2007
In a hardcore, screamo, there is usually two people, the singer, and the screamer, The singer balances the melody, while the screamer breaks it down. If one man can do both these jobs, he is incredibly talented.
From Autumn to Ashes, Atreyu, Alexisonfire
by Kerl October 05, 2004
Derogatory name for male homosexuals
Bruce is such a screamer!
by Marty October 23, 2003
usually in a hardcore band there is a singer and a screamer, such as underoath. but this rule doesnt apply in the used because bert mcrakin(or however you spell it)he is the screamer and singer.
most hardcore bands
by a;sdka;rofqya;roya July 11, 2005

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