Inland Northwest/Northern Rockies (most notably Billings, MT) derogatory term for Native Americans. Often thought to derive from their cultural battle cries while playing basketball (see rez ball) but that is merely coincidental, it actually comes from the reaction one has to their emerging from the darkness and knocking on your car window to ask for money while you're going through Hardee's drive-thrus in the middle of the night.
Roll up the window and lock the doors bro, a screamer just popped out of those bushes.
by Briefly March 04, 2011
A trumpet player who plays incredibly loud in the upper register. Usually in the double c range and at double forte to quadruple forte.
Jesus Christ, did you hear that!?!! He played like a triple G! My dog's ears are probably bleeding after that one.

Notable screamers include Maynard Ferguson, Bill Chase, Eric Miyashiro, Wayne Bergeron, Mark Zauss, Arturo Sandoval, and many others.
by trumpetnbass November 30, 2011
The breast on a woman in a very ample size.
"Dude, she had somes screamers!"
by Simon Birtch January 11, 2012
A high school girl that is really hot and virginal. The kind of girl that you wanna make scream as you "break on through to the other side".
Man that chick is a total screamer. I'm gonna try to get her wasted tonight and see how far I can get.
by Screamer Reamer August 27, 2012
A blowjob.
I convinced your sister to give me a screamer.
by Mike Scrote June 12, 2012
Refers to weepers.

Screamers act wild and outrageous when seeing or meeting their favorite celebrity, most weepers and screamers are fangirls.

Screamers will scream, yell and do anything they can to attract attention for at least one glance by their chosen celebrity. Though now mixed, concerts in the past were known to self separate weepers from the screamers, simply because the weepers preferred to quietly cry while listening to their favorite band than scream.

Usually if a preteen girl has a high pitched scream, she'll use it.
screamers: "AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! JOE!!!!!!! NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!! I LOVE YOU!!! MARRY ME!!!!!! EEEEEEK!!!!"
by 1% juice August 14, 2008
When you eat something spicy the night before, your rectum experiences a burning sensation while crapping...
I ate some HOT buffalo wings last night that were delicious, but I am not sure if they were worth having the screamers at work today.
by i work with fools March 18, 2005

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