1)The video jump-scares popularized by Liquid Generation's "Sabotage" videos years before there was a Youtube.

2)Reaction Videos posted by easily excitable/scared teen LetsPlayers whom sequel like pigs all the way through them.
When the producer of the Creepy Gaming series promised he would not use screamers in his videos, he was assuring his audience that they would be assaulted by neither jumpscares nor the consistent irritating baby noises that were synonymous with Creepypasta Lets Plays or such reaction videos on Youtube.
by Noseybonk III December 15, 2013
The act of screaming during wanking, typically male.
Hold on man, I gotta have a screamer
by Carrotdick February 08, 2015
Screamer verb: To go into a cave and masterbate and scream as loud as you can when you climax
Trott went into the cave to have a raging screamer
by Ascension April 07, 2015
A scary practical joke where the victim watches a video.
They watch THE VIDEO.
So, they are forced to watch the whole video, when suddenly, a loud scream with a scary image pops up on the victim. The victim is now scared.
Jim: i just watched a video. but a screamer popped up! AAAAAAHHHHH!11!11!!SHIFT+1!!!11
by u2dvdbono September 06, 2010
A woman who in the middle of erotic passion cant control here voice

aka: The best damn sex you've ever had.
Angelina Jolie is a freaking screamer
by Souless December 11, 2008
A type of sled built for downhilling and for the sport screaming.
I took my screamer to ruby hill to go screaming.
by hawkboy345 December 07, 2010
An extremely attractive female.
she's a fucking screamer mate!!
by jsmyth259 January 15, 2011

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