An instant lottery ticket, sold everywhere. You scratch off the covering over numbers/symbols to see if the ticket wins any prizes.
It was a good night for Tom, 27 bucks in tips. He couldn't resist the instant lottery machine as he walked past, so he stuck in a 10 and bought five $2 scratchers.
by OldFart77 November 03, 2007
A witty, informative and urbane internet forum member, who brings light to dark days and joy to the banal and bored.
Oh great, another 'scratcher' posting to cheeer me up!
by No Expert July 01, 2004
A person of high political status who views the U.S. Constitution as constructive. For example, one who is a constructivist.
Collin is a Scratcher and could one day be the President of the United States.
by Digger L December 07, 2006
an old car.
Most pizza Drivers don't get paid much and some people don't tip, so mostly they drive scratchers.
by CHRIS October 11, 2003
A particularly annoying internet user. Is old, grumpy and smells of piss. Collects maps and hates everything else.
'Stop moaning, you sound just like Scratcher'
by David Panter June 07, 2004
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