An instant lottery ticket, sold everywhere. You scratch off the covering over numbers/symbols to see if the ticket wins any prizes.
It was a good night for Tom, 27 bucks in tips. He couldn't resist the instant lottery machine as he walked past, so he stuck in a 10 and bought five $2 scratchers.
by OldFart77 November 03, 2007
northern irish term for bed
i couldnt get out of my scratchers this morning
by stuart reid January 20, 2007
Adjective: The corporate Dog Fucker at work. You know, the guy who wastes time, fucks up stuff, stands around and scratches himself, and basically makes everyones life harder at work because he hates his job so he's not going to do anything that helps someone else. A very negative term.
That Scratcher Paul is never ready when I go to pick him up in the morning.

by DonnieLee August 06, 2006
A term used to describe a women that pretty much everyone you know has been through!
The village bike.
A bit of a slag/slut/whore.
A woman who has a natural ability to separate the act of sex from the emotion.
John: "Do you know Tina from accounting?"
Paul: "Yeh, she's a bit of a scratcher"
John: "You nailed her as well? Nice!"
by Glad May 15, 2007
Ones Bed after a particullary rigorus weekend of shagging.
I had to get outa the scratcher at 12.20 and change the sheets on monday there was so much hard stuff onthe sheets,, aughhh.
by xand May 02, 2003
I didn't know what it was till my sister south of D.C. told me.

A bitch who scrapes her teeth against your fucking cock while giving head.
I hope she's not a scratcher. Oh well, I'll get her back wit MY version of Da Shocka if she is
by She deserved it June 28, 2005
a) A dirty, unclean, unmaintained usually living on a council estate person.. Scraggly greasy hair and scruffy clothing probably from Primark or New Look. Strong smell of chip pan and stale tobacco.
b) A Pikey or Carnie
c) A cute rodent
a)What a dirty scratcher... Don't you scratch your way over here dirty scratcher
b) A scratcher in a caravan
c) The pre-historic squirrel from 'ICE AGE' (Trade Mark)
by slippybitch January 03, 2007
A witty, informative and urbane internet forum member, who brings light to dark days and joy to the banal and bored.
Oh great, another 'scratcher' posting to cheeer me up!
by No Expert July 01, 2004

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