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As above but applying especially to people or things that are disheveled or minging simply due to age.
God my dogs getting scraggy in its old age.

Yer Maws a scraggy auld bint.
by Squirrelking November 21, 2004
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1. a fifth generation pokemon.
2. a person who looks very thin.
3. a person, usually a woman, who is extremely slutty and easy, has alcoholic tendencies since they drink so much, very bitchy. see: scrag
1. Scraggy, I choose you!
2. Her kids look really scraggy. She should probably feed them better.
3. Damn, that bitch looks scraggy as hell. I'm gonna try and get it in with her. I need to get laid tonight anyway.
by MagyIsAwesomer February 23, 2011
A shortened version of the two words "scrambled eggs"
Chuck Norris eats scraggies every morning as part of his morning ritual.
by Kivian January 22, 2006
An unsheared sheep or a very hairy untrimmed muff.
Shaggy cousins, Scraggy is the unsheared sheep. The untrimmed muff- i have been with a few and for legal reasons cannot disclose names, but three were from London!!!!
by Gareth November 18, 2004
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