The italian builders of Lake Orion who believes in the value of the titmouse and rhubarb. Members of the family yell random things constantly, and think they are better than the snage family. In reality, nobody can beat the snages because of their ego.
Oh Look! It's a can of gelatin and its sister Betty!
by Betsy Ross November 01, 2004
Top Definition
The best family on earth. Nobody can beat them.
Look at those Scozzari's... I sure wish I was them.
by Yolanda January 28, 2004
(verb) To, rather than sip on an alcoholic beverage for a length of time, gulp it down (20 oz. bottle, piint, 32 oz. glass) in one (occasionally two) drinks.
"Bar's closing in 5 minutes....Scozzari that shit."
by LD4951 February 18, 2012
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