A person originating from Liverpool
That scouser has stolen my hubcaps!
by Julie April 01, 2004
some1 from liverpool, city with less crime and unemployement dan manchester...but we'l stil put a stanley blade across the neck of any fuckin manc
is ryt laddddddddddddddd
by scouser17 June 27, 2005
Scousers are residents of Liverpool England who are heavily and harshly stereotyped by everyone in england generally because..............The stereotypes are true.They thieve mug murder and Rape people because they need the money coz they haven't got a job and Liverpool was the birth place of the chavs (scallys).The majority are die hard Liverpool FC fans and the educated part of Liverpool are everton fans. Usually saying the phrase "Calm Down" repeatedly or saying "A" repeatedly.Tend to drink alot would round the shit infested streets looking forward to gyro day so they can go to the pub and get battered straight after they get there money
"A gaz thtscouse twats running away with your bike"

Scouser A:"U wanna make something of it A"

Scouser B"A A A A A come on then"

Scouser C:" Oi lads come on Calm Down Calm Down Calm Down Calm Down"
by Reeviero March 22, 2008
Soundest people in the world! Boss dress sence! Always up for a laff! Best footy team in the world! Liverpooooll "champians league 5 times" !!
capital of culture 2008!!
Stevie G AND Jamie C - probably the best scousers ever!
The beatles - legends
"sporty spice"- abit out ov date but she made it big ...the list goes on and on...
dis is ow we do it on da merseyysidee kid!!!
showin da rest wa bein scouse is all aba!!! respect!!!
by vickietoria September 18, 2005
strange creatures from a galaxy far away...liverpool in fact. hobbies include car stealing,mobile phone theft,burglary and generally petty crime. easy to determine who they are due to the shiny lacoste racksuit bottoms with a cabrini hooded sweatshirt,burberry cap and of course black socks pulled up over the trouser bottoms. (females tend to look the same but with huge mock gold plated earrings)
tend to say fruckhen and what ya lhookin at? a hell of a lot
by chazza the lil green alien November 27, 2003
People from liverpool are robbing bastards that even stole my mates wheel trims off his car!usually on the dole and speak with the shittest accent know to man!!!
gd joke on those scouse bastrads behalf:
whats long round and scouse? ...the dole queue
scouser1: hey look at that sofa thats been thrown out!
scouser2: fuk yeh lets get it, i need 1 coz dole office wunt give me money to buy a new 1
scouser1: well in true scousers fasion we got the nicked goods
by Burnley fan November 20, 2006
A person with a wig and an afro in a shellsuit, looking to start a fight. Starts a lot of sentences with 'hey, hey alright'
What do you call a scouser in a filing cabinet?
by undisclosed March 01, 2004

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