an inhabitant of the ridiculously over stereotyped liverpool, used by outsiders such as "mancs" (pl.mancs, also see "dirty nazi inbred vermin"), as a derrogative towards its northern neighbour, to shield the truth that the mancs live in a crumbling, run-down shithole, reminisence from the industrial revoluton, full of wife beating barbaric monkeys, crime-rate to make L.A look like a neighbourhood watch area, and murdering GP's, so that may feel better, THINKING that there is a place much worse than where they are stuck... when in fact the mancs are only describing what they are. most of the definitions for "scouser" on this page are actually definitions for the word "manc", so let them type thier total bullshit and do not retaliate, safe in the knowlege that they only
e.g. by eck our kid, i cant understand a fookin word of that up there coz im an addidas shellsuit bottom wearing crack smoking granny stabber of a manc with 3 brain cells!!! MAD FER'IT!!
by hanz weiss December 13, 2003
i hate the way wools go on about scousers it really annoys me. If half of the stupid greasy heded gelled haired scals actually got their facts right then they would realise that 70% of the crime rate is actually in manchester/ warrington areas an not in liverpool! so the next time a wool calls u a scal or ses "go an rob a car" tell them to fuck off an go an wash there greasy permed haired an to go an get it dyed agen cos the roots are down to their ass! Wools wear baggy jeans an footy shirts wich just dont go an big sketcher trainers with big chunky light up heals on the bottom also last years fashion coats with there hair gelled bak so it wont move out of place for two centurys an have light blue eyeshadow on with big hop earings an two dangly peaces of hair down the side of their face an not forgetting the famous "hoodies" wich luk an absoloute show an jus luk scruffy so all u wools can fuk off hu skit scousers an am sure thereare sum wools hu are nice in fact i no there are wools hu r nice but scousers are nice too so dont fuking forget it!!!nobs
wool: "haha say funky chicken haha hehe"
Scouser: er no go an wash ye hair ye scruff
by kate June 27, 2004
Someone From Liverpool

Most Scousers Are Generally Friendly People And We Have Da Best Accent Goin Lad

Yer Laa! Fukin Soundd Dem Scousers Laa

by x Scouse Pwincess x January 26, 2008
someone from liverpool who through the tv programmes "bread" and "boys from the blackstuff" has been represented as an unemployed, theiving caricature.

i am from liverpool and can clarify that i have never worn a lacoste shellsuit. on the other hand i have stolen many cars in the past and if ain't nailed down....

reading through the previous posts it's nice to know how much we are hated, an achievment in itself. thanks.
owen..... 1-0
by soul boy December 03, 2003
someone who was born in liverpool yet has moved very far away,and goes on about how fantastic the place is and how the people of liverpool are the best in the world yet they wont ever go back because in reality its a shit hole full of smackheads theives and layabouts who blame everone else for their shit lives when its their own fuckin fault,scousers all walk with the same cocky swagger so you can tell the theives on building sites and in shops,
pissed up scouser in a bar in austraila sprouts how fuckin great liverpool is,
best city in der world laa
" well fuck off back then you scouse twat"
by tangering dream March 31, 2009
Resident of Liverpool.

Notorious for being smarter, thinner, more driven and generally better than Mancunian shit bags who tend to have children at 14 to begin an economic empire of benefits.
Scouser: "Alright mate, how's things?"

Manc: "arrrr mayyyt, gorrer fuckin go t' get meh gyroh mayyyt,

Scouser: "What a terrible state of affairs. Well, at least you're a successful city in terms of football. Not as successful as Liverpool, mind..."
by Destroyer of Mancs April 29, 2010
Wye aye man. Ama Scouser from Liverpool innit? sure thats gordie, never mind. Not all scousers are twats however about 90% are, nice people include ken dodd and the beatles.

On the contrary people are simple scared of scousers because they talk to you. i.e on the train "mind if i read that paper you've finished with?" in liverpool "sure mate" in london "oh my god someone's talking to me on the tube arrrrrrrrrrrr"

Most do where lacoste, and lots of gold, shame, some do steal cars, most sell drugs, that's the only reason people get shot - but then surly liverpool has a fairly low gun and car crime rate compared to some places.
alright der lad
by Jmckeown November 21, 2003
A scouser is a person originating from the City of Liverpool and areas within the metropolitan borough of merseyside. A scouser is so called due to the accent and dialect known as scouse. Like most places, there are a wide variety of people who are scouse, the most notably people who are of an aggressive nature and are overly jealous of places that arnt sterotyped as being the worst place to live in England and for having the most scummiest people on earth. Scousers often steal and commit crime, scousers are also known for bullying vulnerable people as it maked their completely pointless existence seem slightly more of a point. A simple youtube search for scouser can find a number of Mobile phone videos that show the average scouser bullying people they refer to as wools. 'Wools' are people outside of merseyside who live a normal life and are happy. Scousers get offended by this and feel negative tendancies towards these people. Scousers are scum.
Fuck me Laa, give this wool a fums down heees bein a wanka about us scousers.

I hate manchester, people from there are so cool and i hate it. I wish i was a manc, being a scousers is well shit. I no, lets bitch about manchester make us feel better.

by KevinTM September 06, 2008
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