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A group of mostly blonde, big breasted, stupid, stuck up, materialistic Scottsdale bitches all together for a night out on the town...

Usually a group of 2-5 sluts, wearing skimpy hooker clothes and matching heels, they spent about 150 dollars on a spray tan and manicure just to go out that night. They flirt with every stupid bro-douchebag in the bar or club and act dumb so they will get drinks for free. When the music gets loud, they are the first ones you see dancing on a table screaming and swinging their purse, and they are the first ones to fall off and chip a tooth.

More often than not, one of the sluts in the group will get upset and emotional because of a text from her old boyfriend, and proceed to get more drunk, and possibly start a catfight. When the night is over at 3am, they stumble out of the bar tripping on their 5 inch heels, screaming "Wooo!" and at least one of them will go home with a stranger.
Guy 1: "Hey look at those chicks, they look slutty dude

Guy 2: "Ohh yah, thats a Scottsdale Slut Assembly, you can tell by the glare of silver dresses and heels"
by LeeLaBadass July 27, 2011
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