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A combination of the words "score" and "orgy".

Place of Origin: Bel Air (MD)

P.O. Speech:1.Exclamitory,
2. Adjective

The word Scorgy implies a plentiful bounty of goodfortune, taking the excitment of the expression " HE SHOOTS...HE SCORES!" and coupling it with the raunchy, sometimes catch 22 nature of "orgy". Originating in the halls of Fallston High school, scorgy is used to describe a multitude of things ranging from a group of skanks, to a performance on a "Personal Finance" exam.
Ex. 1) Jimmy receives an "A" in basketweaving {Jimmy} "SCORGY!"

Ex. 2) "Dude, that pizza was straight scorgy"
by Colly February 22, 2005
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