A dragon neopet that is resistant to the hotter places of Neopia.
My Scorchio likes the heat.
by Neopian November 06, 2003
Top Definition
The term used to describe Spanish weather in the Fast Show's Channel 9 sketch. It was always 'scorchio' (accompanied by the appropriate symbol of a sun) except for one episode, when it was cumulus nimbus, making Paula the weather girl cry.
"xxx...scorchio!" (where xxx is a place name, repeat until you've covered the entire country)
by Superfrog March 08, 2004
When it is ROASTING hot weather out.
Wow, its very scorchio today.
by JCB1 March 27, 2007
A term used when describing a woman who is particularly pleasing to the eye.
Hey, check her out....Scorchio!
by Gregory Grayson August 06, 2009
a neopian dragon-like creature
thats one big ass scorchio you got there
by That guy from gamefaqs February 11, 2004
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