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the act of scootering without fear of obstacle, using a self propelled two wheeled scooter. Generally scooter mobs will engage in ritual challanges to gain respect from their peers and possible acceptance into a developing mob. Once accepted, a mob member can begin then their adventuring, and with at least three mob members present, they can begin scooter mobbing.

WARNING: Know your domain! If you and your buddies think it might be fun to go for a "free scoot" beware of nearby mobs. Scooter Mobs are know to be highly territorial and fearless. They will attack if they feel threatened or if they feel you are damaging the scooter name and way of life.

Also if there aint three members present you aint 'scooter mobbng' foo.
Coud Dolazo: "hey man wanna go mobbin', then vandalize some public property"

Sketer Plabe: "the f**k man, we are scooter mobsters not hooligans! I will go scooter mobbing with you only if you find a third member, and respect mother nature"

Coud Dolazo: "sure thing, my bad, brother"
by teh scootster January 22, 2010
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