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New age scooter brotherhood that pride themselves with their respect for nature, and their lack of fear. These MEN/woMEN take self propelled scootering to its highest form and scoot as intended by the gods. Scooter mobs enjoy a cutthroat lifestyle and can be seen scooter mobbing for fun. Remember to get into a mob, you must be seen scootering. Althought its not recommended to scoot alone, that type of bravery is what they look for. Scootering is not necessarily scooter mobbing.
Haywood: "hey you think I could get into the local scooter mob"

Jablome: "well, you cant you just get in haywood, you need to be seen scooting, they'll find you"

Haywood: "But what if they attack me instead"

Jablome: "Im sorry to say this, but then it wasnt meant to be..noob"
by teh scootster January 22, 2010
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