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Code word for an incredibly attractive member of the male species. Used in coffee shop jargin for customers. The scooter latte may be altered according to physical attributes, sexual orientation, and/or relationship status.

Now you will be prepared to de-code the messages of all those baristas you've always wanted to date. Yes, this is like liquid gold.
I got a large scooter latte with flavor on table 9.

(translates: handsome tall married guy)
Oh geez, we just got an order for a scooter latte, but it's got grounds in it.
(translates: sexy guy, total jerkface)
It's too bad, there's a scooter latte on table 11, but they might want sprinkles.
(translates: cute, but possibly gay)
At first glance I thought it was a scooter latte, but definitely, definitely decaf.
(translates: an optical illusion, meaning, non-hottie.)
by Miss Firari January 01, 2011
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