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that cute blonde girl at case who wears short skirts and rides a pink scooter to class
"hey scooter girl! where's your scooter?"
by shakespeir May 09, 2008
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A below average girl you DO NOT want to be seen with.
Matt: "Hey, I saw you with that (Scooter girl) last night.. What the hell were you doing with that?"

Friend: "Ya about that.. I knew i should of picked her up with my car, no one would of ever seen me with her!"

aka (Scooter Girl) because everyone can see.
by EnvrioLawn June 23, 2011
A girl that you have fun with (usually in a sexual sense) that you would never be caught with in public.

--derived from a guy riding a scooter, which is perceived as something that is very fun to ride but your friends will make fun of you when they see you!!!!
I'm gonna call my scooter girl tonight.
by indydave July 08, 2005

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