The infamous dog biscuts of the 70's Scooby-Doo tv show. Now recognized as weed brownies.
If you think about it, this makes sense. Why could the gang hear Scooby talk? Why were Shag and Scoob always hungry?
by El Toro Grande August 25, 2004
A delicious young boy from the ages of 21-25. Anything over 25 is just hot... NOT a Scooby Snack.
Hey girls, check out that scooby snack over there, thats a tasty treat!

Would anyone care to go out tonight and find us some SCOOBY SNACKS.

Scooby snacks are a nutritious treat!

How old are you? oh, I see hmm 26, nope you are NOT a Scooby Snack anymore!
by Lisa (LP) April 11, 2007
When you fart in your hand and put your hand in someone's face
I gave Jack a scooby snack when he was sleeping and he puked
by 69_edits@IG January 15, 2014
before a female is to be eaten out (by either species; human/puppy) she inserts a dog treat into her vaginal cavity, allowing he/she/it to get this tasty treat out while recieving a tongue twister.
Hey Spot you want a special Scooby Snack tonight, come here boy!
by horndog89 August 16, 2010
Hash Brownies featured in the Show Scooby Doo
Shaggy: Hey Scoob like its the fuzz man, hide the Scooby Snacks!!!
Scooby: rugh Roh
by M. Pfeifer, G-wol September 21, 2006
When one pulls out of ass, only to discover a nugget of shit on the end of ones cock. Then one picks it off and throws it at the unsuspecting victim while screaming "SCOOBY SNACK!"
Dan pulled out of Emma last night only to discover a Scooby Snack!
by Tomuss Clayriss March 28, 2010
what are you retarded ? scoobysnacks are whatever gets you jumping around or drooling and talking stupid like scooby doo . Usually valium , but interchangeable with whathaveya & pay no attention to this definition , It's whatever makes you happy or act a fool .
Running around robbing banks all wacked on some scoobysnacks.
by PAINBRUSH September 17, 2008
Scooby Snack
v, transitive
In the Houston, Texas area, a Scooby Snack is when a marijuana joint has been smoked down to a very small size, a roach, and one last hit is taken in, and eating the roach before exhaling. It generally results in a very strong high, due to THC resin being on the paper of the joint at the mouthpiece.
Smoker 1 - Dude, you gotta scooby snack that roach.
Smoker 2 - No way, man, I get way too messed up from that.
Smoker 1 - Then hit it, pass it to me, and I'll scooby snack it.
Smoker 2 - You've got scooby snacks?
Smoker 1 - What?
by Xykedelic June 10, 2014

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