1. Name of the super snoof dog of Scooby Doo best friends with Shaggy. He was always hungry for a Scooby-Snak.

2. The name of the Florida canine unit who got "his Scooby Snak" from a man robbing a liquor store and then running from the police.
1. "Hey Scooby remember you're 'Grandma Scooby', and 'Grandma Scooby' don't chase cats. So sit down and have a Scooby Snak. Scooby tries to ignore Freddy. Freddy pops Scooby in the nose. Scooby got really pissed and hit Freddy back really hard, giving him a nose bleed.

2. A man robs a Florida liquor store, steals some cigarettes. The police in that area spotted him running, they go after him, he looks back at the police, giving them the signal to unleash the Police Dog named Scooby. Scooby bites him in the manhood, tearing off his family jewels. Scooby almost swallows it. The robber is in the next realm of pain. He ends up in the hospital. They get the man's "package" out of the dog's mouth. And they put it back on the robber who stole the cigarettes. This really happened in Florida, 2 years ago So I'm not making this up.

Aw, he was just wungry and wanted his Scooby Snaks.
by Saints June 21, 2004
Top Definition
English slang:
"scooby doo" = clue

As in:
- "What time are we going out"
- "I ain't got a fucking scooby mate"
by Anonymous October 09, 2003
Subaru Impreza Turbo. Apparently Subaru sounds like Sccoby-Do to young boys especially chavs
Wicked Scooby Mate!!!!!
by Sean September 07, 2003
The term scoobies comes from "Scooby Snacks" and refers to charred bits of herb and ash you may suck in while hitting a bowl. While unpleasant, they are no where near as bad as a flaming scooby which is a still smoldering piece of bud that will scorch the back of your throat.
"Dude, that bowl is almost kicked. If you hit it too hard you'll get some mad scoobies . . ."

"*coughing* Boo! Scoobies suck!"
by dave August 24, 2004
Scooby is a simple term derived from the combination of the words "It's cool B." Basically it can mean that you're okay with something, or it can be a question asking if someone else is okay with something.
Person 1: We bout to go to the movies, scooby?
Person 2: Scooby.

Person 1: We're going to the movies, is that ok with you?
Person 2: Yes that's ok with me.
by Jessica (J-sika) May 29, 2005
When a piece of ash or bud flies into your mouth during the act of chiefing
Jimmy was chiefing down the last hit of the bowl when a scooby flew into his mouth.
by AllYourBass March 17, 2004
The Scooby Gang, or "Scoobies", are the names given to Buffy Summers and her friends and colleagues who assist her in her duties as slayer in the cult television series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer usually after they discover the existence of vampires and demons.

The Scooby Gang is needed to deal with supernatural and strange events in the Buffyverse. Namely Buffy, who can kick anyone's ass.
If trouble comes your way just call the Scoobies and they'll be on it stat. After dealing with their own adolescent issues first, of course.
by FivebyFive May 29, 2006
british cockney rhyming slang for 'clue', it comes from 'scooby-doo'
bloody hell mate, I have no scooby whatta heck's that shite?!
by moro May 29, 2006
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