extremely high or done for.
Damn i am scoobed for the night guys.
by natalie November 17, 2004
Top Definition
When smoking weed, if you take a hit and some weed goes through your piece and enters your mouth, also known as "shit on"
Fuck, your piece scoobes like a mofo
by turtle November 21, 2004
Being "owned" or formally known as having horse shit shoveled (preferably with a shovel) into your own or someone else's ass hole. This act also references with "Scoob" which is the person who gets it shoveled into their ass.
"The Jew's parents scoobed him by giving him such a big nose!"
"CGerard is the king of all scoobs!"
by cgerard April 21, 2007
a hook-up where you felt you lived up to your sexual prowess.
Hot older woman: Girl, you know Mike? I totally scoobed him. I scoobed the shit out of him.

or, alternatively

Becky: How'd it go with the cougar?
Mike: Totally double scoobed the coug.
by peteygypsy August 01, 2011
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