To go to or attend something
I'm thinking of heading to the trooms on saturday for a sconse or Im meeting the ster for a sconse later on
by Patrick Burke June 09, 2005
Top Definition
Adjective describing someone who is both effortlessly cool and stylish. Not to be mistaken for hip.

Examples in popular culture include Ryan Gosling, Zhang Ziyi, Benicio Del Toro and Roisin Murphy. NY fashion week: "That couple in the front row are just so sconse"

...leafing through an old copy of Rolling stone: "Depeche Mode must be the most sconse band of all time. Their suits are so sharp you could shave with them."
by polohogoromojo September 02, 2014
To check out, usually referring to bird watching. No, the other sort.
"Ah, I was sconsing some bird, couldn't make it..."
by NUI October 08, 2003
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