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Completely, utterly, and totally inebriated to the point at which conciousness is a long forgotten sensation. One who is scoatted is unlikely to arise from their shameful slumber regardless of stimuli, be they photography flashes, a wet marker pen to the flesh, or even an early morning visit from the paramedics.
Originates from ancient, Britonic folklore, in which tales are told of a brave warrior, cruelly slain by the evil wizard Tequilladon. The warrior's final words before his unsightly demise were "T'ees it ovah". The warrior's name was Scoatt, and he was scoatted.

See also campbell coma.
I plan on getting well and truly scoatted tonight.

He was near enough scoatted after that last vodka and coke.
by Alasdair of Geekdom. June 22, 2005
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