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1. A popular suburban youth subculture, closely associated with rap music and with the style and fashions of middle to upper-middle class college kids.

2. Rap music

3. Post hop


Of or characteristic of scion hop subculture.
"Paul Barman is taking scion hop to new levels."

"Know DJ Shadow, know scion hop. No DJ Shadow, no scion hop."

"PUTS are keeping scion hop alive."

"Thes One is next level scion hop."

"Hip hop is dead, so now I listen to scion hop."

"Scion hop can't die--you heard!"

"Dude, scion hop is like, so accusable."

"Scion hop is so easy to listen to."

"Sharkey is making serious moves in scion hop"

"The first De La Soul album was like proto scion hop."

"Atmosphere is my favorite scion hop group; Slug is soooooo emo."
by --Reynaldo June 27, 2004
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