A synonym for nonsense.
Bush's administration is so bad at hiding things and all the crap they say just comes off as scientology.
by thread January 27, 2008
Scientology: The latest fad amongst celebrities. Requires spending an ungodly amount of money, which, of course, celebrities are attracted to. See L. Ron Hubbard and Tom Cruise.
Donating money to charities was so 5 minutes ago! Lets all go pour our money into some fake "Church" created by a Sci-Fi author!!

Scientology in a Nutshell
by I Club Seals September 26, 2007
A murderous cult,of dumb buttmunches,on an
elevator to Hell.They've already killed
some innocent people.Some of it's famous
members are George Clooney,Tom Cruise,Isaac Hayes,and the
crazy lady from Dharma & Greg.
George Clooney:Today it's America,tomorrow...the world.
Isn't Scientology great?
by Zenox November 14, 2006
A religion based on intimidation and dishonesty.

A cuckoo religion that gets a high off suing the pharmaceutical corporations.

practiced by Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley and John Travolta.
Scientology is an absolute sham, and considered to be a cult by many.
by krock1dk January 22, 2008
Scientology is a cult of assholes that constantly advertise on urban dictionary to try to recruit new victims.
loser 1: Did you see all the Scientology shit on U.D.?
loser 2: Yeah, the ads are fucking annoying.
by purplekilt May 07, 2008
"A Cult" as defined by John Sweeney who is the definitive decider of what is and isnt a religion.

Scientology - also know as a Sham, Fraudulent, Money Grabbing, Idiot magnet, Hubbard fetishists
That scientologist is gay. Yes, thats because he believes in that crackpot cult called Scientology.
by brainwashingcult May 15, 2007
The one "religion" that Atheists and Christians can look at and just say to each other "Thats bullshit."
Christian: God is to real!
Atheist: The bible is a book a fairytails!
Scientologist: Hello have you heard about the church of Scientology?
Christian & Atheist: Thats a lode of bullshit!
by JerZeyCJ March 07, 2010
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